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Online travel sites (ie. Expedia, Booking, TripAdvisor, Google, etc.) make it easy to compare lodging properties. They say they have the best rates … but they don’t! As many travelers discover, the rates mysteriously go up as one completes the booking process through one of these third party websites.

How can you get the best rate? BOOK DIRECT WITH US!

Very easy instructions:

  • When making your reservation online, click on the Special Rate ‘twisty’ to unlock a hidden promo code field (see screen shot example).
  • Enter ‘Direct’ into this field and then hit the UPDATE button.
  • The room list will change and two prices will appear: our standard rate and the direct rate.
  • Select the lower “Book Direct” price and complete your reservation.
  • Use the BOOK NOW button and get the best room rate available ANYWHERE!
book direct promotion

“My husband and I had the largest room, the Joshua Grindle on the second floor of this old farm house. Comfortable bed, spotlessly clean surroundings, two reading chairs and even an extra single bed in case we had a little tiff and I had to exile Husband from the joint mattress. Well, that didn’t happen. In the bathroom, warm air blows on your feet from under the cabinet, the next best thing to under-floor heating. Good food, good coffee, lots of local info–and we met some very interesting fellow guests…”
Anastasia MW, Oslo, Norway